Fraisier Torte / Frasier Torte


Fraisier torte is a french strawberry torte. A torte is a multilayered cake that is filled with various types of cream or fruits.

The fraisier torte that I made was layered with genoise sponge (imbibed with punch syrup) ,sliced strawberries and mousseline cream. Mousseline cream is a pastry cream that is combined with butter until it is light and fluffy (increase in volume). We could also add flavour to the mousseline by adding a little bit of kirsch or cointreau.

I garnished the top of the cake using a marzipan and chocolate writing. Marzipan is made of sugar, honey and almond meal. It is really fun to work with marzipan as you can turn it into any shape that you want. In this lesson, I shaped the marzipan into flowers and leaves. I also use a marzipan for the base of the flowers and I coloured it pink. Unfortunately, my chocolate writing on the cake wasn’t good enough and it kind of ruined the cake. I was really sad because otherwise everything else was perfect. However, I finished making the cake and the taste was absolutely delicious.

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