Nana Cake Boutique

The demand for Nana Cake Boutique’s products are growing well. I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks. Unexpectedly, more and more people found out about my small online business and they were curious about it. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough hands to make all the cakes by myself, so my mom always come to the rescue. I couldn’t sleep before 12AM and I wouldn’t be able to eat on time on some days. However, this is very exciting and it keeps myself motivated. I’m going to be busy this weekend and my mom is on holiday. I will be going mad in the kitchen for a little bit but that’s alright because that’s the fun part ! I guess :p

There are also more variety of products are being produced every week. I’m not going to keep adding new products to sell because that will stress me out. I’m trying to find enough products to sell that could satisfy the customers. Customer’s satisfaction is my number one priority.

I have a few photos of the products that have been sold last week.

Mini macarons in the making.

Mini macarons are ready to be delivered.

Hot air balloon fondant cake.

Sneak peek of hot air balloon fondant cake.

Little monsters on top of the mocha chocolate cake

Ombre flower cake

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