Love is Worth Fighting For

It’s been over a year I left my school and my business is growing very well for the past 6 months. I could not be more grateful.

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As you can see from my previous posts, the cakes that I produced are much better now, they are not perfect yet but they are better. I’m glad with how they are now. I have to say there are so many competitors back in Indonesia, or to be even more specific, Jakarta. I admit that I will not be able to compete with the best bakers or pastry chefs in town, I might not be the best pastry chef but maybe just the most passionate 🙂

For the past few months I have felt there were something missing, something was just not right and I had to do something about it but I was not sure what it was. Now I know that my passion and my love for food does not stop here. It continues to grow, to be even more powerful. Nana Cake Boutique only sells customized cake such as buttercream flower cake and other birthday cakes. My heart wants more than that. So I decided to browse through some short courses on the internet and applied for them. I realize I have this thirst for knowledge about food and pastries which is really good for me. I’m really happy about it. I’ll definitely post another story about my short courses!

I’ve also received some questions from my friends or sometimes strangers asking me about my culinary journey, for example, how was my life in culinary school ,how was it like being in the kitchen and so on. It was great being able to answer to their questions, helping them, and hopefully inspired them to chase their dreams, follow their hearts and have faith in themselves. However sometimes people asked “too many” questions.

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Curiosity is just natural, but if you started asking me questions like “was it difficult?”, “Was it tiring?”, I’m sorry but I will think that you don’t take this seriously. When you really really love something, you don’t ask if it’s difficult to achieve or if it’s tiring to get where you want to be, you just do it no matter what challenges you might have to gone through to get there. I’ve been through a lot to get where I am now and even I still think that it’s not enough, when you’re in love, you never really get tired, and trust me love is worth fighting for.

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