A Touch of Love

Do you remember when was the last time you did something new ? If you haven’t done it, do it. At the beginning of August I was really bored, not like “I have nothing to do” bored, it was more like “I’m doing the same thing for the past few months” bored. Out of nowhere, I decided to travel. I came across savour school’s website. It’s located in Melbourne, Australia, and I haven’t been to Melbourne for about 2 years now. I kind of missed the city.

Just two weeks before the classes started, I applied for the classes, fortunately I still have a valid visa to travel to Australia. It was all very sudden but also exciting. My birthday was on 4th August so this was like the best birthday gift ever. Few days after I applied, I received the confirmation letter and settle my travel arrangements straight away. Everything was going so fast, I couldn’t believe what I just did for a second. I traveled alone and it was kind of scary as I kind of forgot what or how to travel around the city but I figured that out once I arrived.

The city is beautiful as always. I stayed in a hotel for 10 days in Carlton. The last time I lived in Melbourne I was still 16. Time flies, huh ?  I have never lived in a suburb before so that was a whole new experience for me. It was nice and I stayed close by to the school. Before I get to what I studied, let me show you a little bit of my food hunting in Melbourne.

Mushroom quesadillas and Wagyu Burger at Trunk Bar and Restaurant.

Gyu Tan Don at Menya.

Baked Eggs at Hardware Societe.

The showcase at Hopetoun Tea rooms.

The last 5 photos are from RicePaperScissors. AMAZING FOOD.

Now back to what I’ve learned from my trip. I took Entremet, Petit Gateaux and Pipa classes in savour. It was absolutely amazing. Chef @paulkennedysavour and Chef @robyncurnowsavour were incredible. These are the finished products and some BTS during the course.

The whole experience was different, it touched my heart. My passion is all of these, there’s nothing I could do to change that and I would not want to change that ever. As you have known before that I had a problem letting go of my past and my previous dreams. This experience has made me realize that I don’t have to, I will keep dreaming no matter if it’s possible or not. That’s what pushing me to reach the unreachable and beyond that, and maybe if I got lucky, I would have the chance to realize that dream. I haven’t felt this feeling for a long time, the feeling that I get when I’m in the kitchen, when fatigue and excitement combined all together, when standing and walking all day long don’t make me tired and weak, but excited and energetic instead. I have felt it all over again. That’s why it’s the best birthday gift ever, a touch of love that I haven’t felt for quite some time.

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